We offer modern, durable and aesthetic fittings for sanitary facilities and changing rooms and their equipment. We are constantly striving to expand our portfolio with new products.

We offer:
  • sanitary cabins, toilet cubicles and shower booths
  • urinal partitions
  • changing rooms
  • modular clothes lockers, (swimming pool lockers, safe deposit boxes, workplace lockers...)
  • school lockers
  • benches, changing and cloakroom benches with hanging rails, seats
  • moisture-resistant HPL doors
  • washbasin countertops, special furniture
  • wall facings and elements of building elevations
  • other HPL products in conformity with the EN 438 standard requirements
Our advantages:
  • We have appropriate knowledge and experience.
  • We have our own installation teams, perfectly trained, equipped with modern equipment.
  • We have Technical Approval ITB for the system of HPL walls and doors, not just for individual elements; (already in 2003 we requested for testing of our products by laboratories of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw).
  • We operate also abroad.
  • We remain at your disposal at any time and provide information at mobile phone numbers: +37122495555


+371 22 49 5555


K.Ulmaņa gatve 2. Rīga, Latvija. LV-1004


HPL sanitary cabins, toilet cubicles and shower booths

ATJ-Basic sanitary cabins, toilet cubicles and shower booths are a system of spatial development of sanitary rooms with the use of partitions made of 10-mm thick HPL COMPACT high-pressure laminate, propped up on supports (adjusted according to the type of facilities). Vertical profiles, fixing a board directly to the walls of a room and joining the whole upper sections provide rigidity of the structure. All components (including screws and plugs) are made of non-corrosive materials (aluminium, brass, stainless steel and plastic).

The laminate used in the production process meets the requirements of EN 438, it is a certified product according to the Hygienic Approval and Fire Rating Certificate. Sanitary cabins, toilet cubicles and shower booths are produced in accordance with the Technical Approval ITB AT-15-6437/2016 issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw for the system of partition walls and doors to be installed in toilets, showers and other sanitary rooms or changing rooms.

Boards in basic colours are always available in our warehouse (boards in other colours may be obtained on request).